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galleon time synchronisation and ntp servers Galleon World Time Clock

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Galleon World Time Clock

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The World Time Clock program is supplied free by Galleon the supplier of the widest range of time synchronisation and time server products in the world.

The World-Time-Clock allows you to display the correct time for as many the time zones as you want so you always know the correct time of a friend or work colleagues anywhere in the world.

Download the World time Clock now

Show as many time zones as you want.

Re-Size the window, and the text resizes for you

Change font, font colour and background colour.

Download the World time Clock now

Set the Background to transparent.

Set the whole window to transparent

Download the program now for free and if you think it is good please add a link to this page so more people can find this free World Time Clock see bellow for sample HTML code for a link back to this page or e-mail us and we will send to an email explaining how to add a link to this page.

Hope the Galleon World Time Clock is what you were looking for.

Download the World time Clock now

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