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Time Server

Time Server solutions for all your computer time Synchronisation needs are listed below we have NTP Time Servers for computer networks that cross time zones and continents to low cost solutions for small stand alone PC’s.

Please view our products if you don’t see what you require contact us we are the time Synchronisation specialists and can always modify the standard products to meet your specific requirements.

network time server

Rack Mount GPS Time Server
To synchronise the time on large commercial networks this is the solution for you. A reliable Network Time Server that can supply time across computer domains and continents for Windows, UNIX, LINUX, and NOVELL operating systems... more

time server
Rack Mount Atomic Clock Time Server
To synchronise the time on large commercial networks, using the Rugby Atomic Clock, check out this Time Server , for Windows, LINUX, UNIX and NOVELL operating systems.... more
ntp server
Serv er GPS Clock
To synchronise commercial networks the Server GPC Clock provides safe guaranteed accurate time, a GPS NTP servers for key Windows based applications.... more
atomic clock time server
Server Atomic Clock
If you want a low cost Rugby Atomic Clock Time Server for computer networks then this product is an excellent solution... more

time server for novell

Time Server for LINUX
To synchronise the time on a LINUX server use Time server for LINUX
... more

pc time server

Workstation GPS Clock
For stand alone or small networks this is the answer to accurate time, your own PC time server ... more

pc atomic clock

PC Atomic Clock
If you want Atomic Clock time accuracy on your PC then the PC Atomic Clock is the one... more

computer time clock synchronization

TimeSynch SNTP client
TimeSynch SNTP will sit quietly on a computer listening for a time broadcast from one of the NTP time servers listed above and when it receives a time broadcast it will ensure computer time clock Synchronisation to the correct time... more

pc or computer clock losing time

TimeSynch NTP client
Is your PC or computer clock losing time then this NTP Uni-cast client will synchronise the time on networked pc and workstations... more

More information

If you're interest ed in general information on NTP, you can find an overview, history, and other interesting references at

For additional information about using NTP with Macintosh OS X, see

For most versions of Windows, the command

net time /setsntp:ntp.uiuc. ed u

will set your machine to synchronize with the CITES NTP servers. For additional information about NTP and various versions of Windows, see:

• Windows XP

• Windows 2000

• Windows NT

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