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Large digital wall clocks synchronised to the atomic clock MSF Rugby.

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Digital Wall Clocks

digital clock using atomic time
Digital wall clock

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Digital wall clocks synchronised to Atomic Clock time, with 12 or 24 Hour Format, Aluminum Frame and Anti-glare lens.

Now all clocks can display the same, accurate, legal time. Galleon commercial digital clocks are specifically designed for applications where precision and reliability are of utmost importance. These clocks may be used as accurate stand-alone time displays. They can also be synchronized, using hard wire atomic clocks, so that all clocks display the same time. Additionally, a standalone atomic time standard repeater may be used to transmit the true legal time to all slave clocks. This means that all clocks will not only display the same time, but the time displayed is the true legal UK time. These clocks are in use where accurate, synchronized time is required.

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