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Atomic clock time server for networks and GPS network time server

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Time server

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WithAtomic Clock time server, you can be sure that your server, computer or network is synchronised to the most accurate clock in the world. Every second. Every minute. Every hour of every day. To see our full range of time servers click here .

Accurate to 1 second in every 1,000,000 years
Atomic Clocks constantly check the correct time against a radio signal direct from the World Time standards, based in England, Germany and North America. You can be confident that your computers are always synchronised to the correct time using atomic clock time server.

Atomic clock time servers are available for:

Galleon atomic radio clocks supplied world-wide.
All kinds of organisations all over the world are already using Galleon Atomic Clock as a time server for computer networks.

Key benefits include:

  • Full product range, for all your Time Synchronisation requirements from Galleon The Time Specialists.
  • Your own accurate reliable time that you can rely on because only 28% of internet time servers are accurate.
  • Automatic update of time. No user intervention required, once installed forget about it.
  • Simple Installation
  • Reliable, GALLEON Atomic Clocks are used by organisations world-wide. They are used in a wide range of applications, including currency trading and e-commerce
  • Log exactly when e-mail, EDI and other events occur.
  • Helps to combat fraud by providing accurate time-stamping for financial transactions.
  • Automatically synchronises the start and end of remote activities across several locations.
  • Synchronises distributed databases, such as Novell NDS.
  • Automatic adjustment between Summer/Winter Time. No need to remember to change your computers' clocks manually.
  • Synchronise computers, PLCs, test equipment and more to within fractions of a second.

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