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GPS clock for time server solutions


A Galleon NTS-4000-GPS clock provides Time Server solutions for all your computer time Synchronisation needs. Being a complete solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

It Connects directly to Ethernet, and also fits in a standard 19� rack, it also incorporates a Galleon GPS Computer Clock, which can track up to 12 satellites, with a remote GPS antenna that can be positioned up to 200m (600 ft) away as standard, or up to 1,000m (3,000ft) with optional antenna extension kit.Software driver for uni-cast, broadcast or multi-cast NTP time synchronization. Conforms to Network Time Protocol.

The Galleon Network Time Server combines a GPS receiver with an embedded solid state computer and offers straight forward configuration and management via a network interface. With the NTS-4000 being a standalone "ready-to-run" NTP time server for TCP/IP networks, it means it comes with network based interface for management and configuration. The NTS-4000 can handle more than 50 NTP requests per second, making it the choice for providing accurate time information to network with multiple clients.

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